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Which One Is Better?

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The faster you can get the customer their item, the easier you’ll win them over. You can then use a tools such as BrowserStack, CrossBrowserTesting or Browserling to view your website in different browsers and see what the problem is. Both of them will import products and auto fulfill them and they provide excellent learning materials to help you get comfortable with their tools. Nevertheless this can get extremely pricey, time-consuming, and you might not have tracking info if you went through a business like UPS. It’s great to be a startup, but you want your customers to feel comfortable and happy with their shopping experience so you can grow. Of course, you are very limited with only 50 orders per month, but it’s great to start discovering the application at no cost. Of course, you like to track your shipment. Today, we’re going to talk about Dropified vs Oberlo, what I like about both, which tool I prefer and why.

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This is the largest reason that Dropified deserves every penny as you can get notices when products are no more in supply over at Aliexpress. This can also help you see if it’s worth paying a developer to fix the issue (it may take a few months to recoup the investment). We will explore pricing in a few of the areas below, however it is essential to comprehend that Dropified does need payment based upon a membership plan. Free Plan — Manage product for 500 and orders for 50 every month. No free plan but you can start with a 14-day free trial. Once one or more of those start selling a lot, you can then work to manufacture it on your own with the security of knowing in advance that it will sell. Check out our Dropshipping by Dropwow app review to learn more. Their app enables store owners to ship profitable products (quickly) from a plethora of US and Chinese suppliers. Ability to add Sub-Users with different permissions to work for your store on your behalf.

Since sourcing your own product takes quite a bit of time, upfront capital and risk, you can add a selection of new products using the dropshipping method. You can only access this trial if you sign up for one of their paid plans though. Imagine one of your products is extremely popular and bringing you sales every day… then your supplier runs out of stock and you can’t sell anymore! It also makes sure YOU stay in business even if your supplier doesn’t. It’s good to have a backup supplier to keep the sales coming in and avoid stock-outs. More than 50% of store shoppers will read the return policy before making a purchase, so be sure it’s easily accessible on all pages, as well as understandable and concise. The longer a checkout process is, and the more fields a shopper has to enter, the higher likelihood they’ll abandon. Also make use of autofill on forms where it’s allowed such as name, email, address, phone number and other fields that don’t pose any security or privacy threat.

The only issue overall for me is the restriction of the auto order fulfillment tools to the more expensive packages, though seen as I don’t particularly like their Lite package this is a minor issue. Most chargebacks happen either because customers don’t recognize the charge on their card, or because their card was stolen and used fraudulently. Chargebacks are very expensive and can be costing your business a lot of money. You can install them on your Shopify store for free. You can install the plugin and immediately begin to create your own dropshipping store. Do whatever you can to at least pay return shipping; it’s good business. It may eat into your margins a bit, but it will pay off. Not only do you lose the amount of the original purchase, but you have to pay a fee on top of that. On top of the counter at FedEx waiting for pickup.

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